Saturday, March 18, 2006

Er, hello. . .

Yes, I finally decided to start this second blog to talk about my projects. Of course that means I lose the majority of the material I talk about in my normal blog right now, but I think I'll cope.

My current big project is making a reproduction of a medieval Irish book satchel. I finished up the tooling on it today and took some pictures of the tooled portions before I dye it.

This is the tooling on the back of the satchel. It is based off of the design carved on one of the stones in Dunfallandy, Tayside. The design has been deeply engraved into the leather using a wooden stylus. This is comparable to two of the existent examples of these satchels. Below is a picture of the front panel which is based off the design on a cross at the Kirk of Norham, Northumberland. The design on the front flap is the same as on the front panel.

The next step will be to get the side gussets and strap cut out and all of it dyed. I will be using an iron oxide dye which will turn the tooling leather a grey-black color that should darken up to black when I add the finish.


Bill D said...

Looks good so far.

Noemi said...

Thanks! I'm really happy with the way it tooled, especially since it was not really nice leather to begin with.