Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello again

I just realized I hadn't posted here in a while. Now, that is because I really haven't been working on much since the first part of the month but I am going to be starting on a new project soon: bird toys. I will be bird sitting in about a week and a half and after looking at a lot of the toys that are available I realized that I could make them pretty easily. The best part is that a lot of them use tooling leather and I have a ton of scrap I can use. I'll post pictures once I get some done.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Competition results

I did well in the competition today with the satchel, I came in second in my category. Got some good comments from the judges, had a number of people come over to specifically look at it and talked to a lady who is going to send me a link for a website that may have articles on other leather items and is going to mail me photocopies from a book that has more on the original Irish book satchels. All in all a very good day. My problem now is to figure out what to do to top this for the next competition.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Final satchel update

I just gave in and laced the strap together and onto the satchel tonight. Finished the strap is long enough that I can wear it across my body and the satchel is at about hip length which is perfect since I intend to use it to carry my wallet and so on in it at events.

Now I have to find something else to work on.

Final steps on the satchel

I got the straps cut and dyed yesterday and punched the lacing holes and applied the finish today so all that is left is to let them sit overnight so the finish can soak in and then lace everything together. I finished typing up my documentation already so all I have to do there is print a final copy, get the figures set up and make copies for the judges. The only thing I really have left to do for next Saturday is to finish getting my new garb sewn together which I'll probably today. I'll post pictures after I get the satchel laced together.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the bracelet I did for the Fire Mountain Gems competition last year.