Saturday, May 20, 2006

Experimental bird toy

While I was getting ready for the birds staying here I went out looking for quick connecters to hang toys in the cage. I found a place that sold them on the web, but they weren't that expensive considering what the shipping would have cost. So I dug around the site and found that they also sold various different pices to make your own bird toys so I filled out the order with a variety of other items and put a toy together for the birds to try out. I didn't get any pictures before the birds and the toy went back home, but A was nice enough to send me a picture today of Citrus checking out the toy.

The toy is made of a green polyurethene cord called Paulie cord tied onto a metal ring, with plastic pony beads and foam beads strung on it.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

looks like one happy bird.