Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gemstone bracelets

I've had the camera the past few days and there just happened to be some pictures of my jewelry on it so I thought I'd post a few of the pictures here.

This one is amazonite and labradorite with Karen Hill tribe silver beads. I wasn't sure if they would work together, but in the end it is a nice combination. The iridescence in the labradorite is similar to the color of the amazonite and that brought it all together.

This one is cherry pearls with faceted garnets and silver. We use a lot of freshwater pearls a lot because they are inexpensive and you can find a wide range of colors (either dyed or irradiated). This is another one where I wasn't sure about the combination but it worked really well.

This one is pink coral and white quartz with silver. It's a fun little bracelet, especially with the silver butterfly beads. I love working with the Karen Hill Tribe beads because they have shaped beads like that. I think it really adds to a design.


Jasongonce001 said...

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