Sunday, August 27, 2006


(No pictures, although I suppose I could get a few at some point. Doesn't seem to be much point though, I'm expecting most people have seen pickled vegetables at some point in their lives.)

I ended up being able to make 5 quarts of dill pickles from the cucmbers that E harvested from the garden. I think I like doing that way. It was a good amount of pickles to make but it didn't take me all weekend to do it and I wasn't wiped out when I got done. E suggest that since A is considering doing a garden at her house maybe we can look at planting a bunch of pickling cucumbers next year. I think it might be a good idea because it would allow me to make pickles at a nice relaxed pace.

In other project newsI got the paper cut and punched and the leather cut out for the sign in book. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to do any tooling today since I need to finish up housework and get a shower in, but I should be able to on e of the next few nights after work.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Project round up

I've got a few things I'm working on right now. I've done some more bird toys, and have pictures that I'll probably be posting this weekend, we have enough pickling cucumbers in the garden to do a jar or two of pickles, and I have a sign in book to get started on. The plan right now is to do the pickles on Saturday and then I can get the pieces for the book cut out and do the tooling The first problem with the book will be the fact that I have to wait for the leather to dry between steps which can take a while. The second problem will be that I didn't get the paper for the pages until today and since the craft store did not have the pre cut 5.5 by 8 inch paper I need to get that cut and then punched before I can punch the lacing holes in the leather cover. Thankfully I have a week and two weekends to get that done.

And I will post pictures once I get the sign in book done.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A couple more pieces of jewelry

I had the camera today so I got some pictures of a couple of new pieces.

This was a design that I came up with as I was drifting off to sleep one night. It isn't exactly the way I first imagined it, ut it is a very elegant style. Once I get more of the silver tube beads I'm going to make a similar bracelet for myself, although I may use different stones. Unfortunately, it'll be a few weeks before I can work on it because I have to wait for the beads to get here from Thailand.

After getting a few inquiries I decided to try to make some anklets. This is the first one and it is rainbow fluorite and silver. I like the way the design turned out for the most part, but I had a hard time coming to terms with the idea that it had to be so much longer than a bracelet. I decided it was going to be too long, took a bead off each side and then realized I didn't need to. I think as time goes on I'll get a bit more comfortable with making them.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another installment

I'm taking a bit of a break from getting ready for the show tomorrow and I thought I'd put up some more pictures.

This was a fun one to design. I saw the S-hook clasp with the rose on it as part of a mixed lot of clasps and just had to get it. I then found rose charms that matched it and leaf charms that looked a bit like rose leaves and designed the bracelet. The fun part is the way that the clasp is part of the whole design, that than just a closure.

This was an interesting experiment because it is braided. I'd like to try that again, but I think I need to work out a better technique for the braiding. The beads in this bracelet are labrodorite disks and dyed freshwater pearls.

I really love the charms on this one because they are also bells. It makes it a fun little design.

We had picked up the rainbow fluorite bear beads last year and hadn't used them so I decided to try to work out a design for them. I decided that something simple would be bed to focus on the bears and I think it worked out well.

After I got done with the fuorite bear bracelet I had 2 of the bear beads left so it was natural to make a pair of earrings.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Should be making stuff

I should be working on stuff since the show is Saturday but I'm stressed and just can't get myself to do anything so I'm adding more pictures here. I guess that's related somehow, right?

This was an interesting experiment. The design is based very loosely on a pattern I saw in Beadwork magazine. The original pattern used glass seed beads and small silver beads, and had more strands, but I liked the effect and the use of the cones so I gave it a try in this bracelet using small freshwater pearls and carnelian beads.

This ia another somewhat experimental design, I saw jewelry in a catalog where briolettes were used like normal beads rather than as focal points and I thought I'd give it a try with these small garnet briolettes and the larger white potato pearls.

This is a slightly different design for me. I had been looking for ways to use the cognac sapphires and thought I'd see how they worked with the pearls and silver. I think it works well especially with the silver beads separating each of the other groups from each other.

And this last one is proof that I do make something other than bracelets. This is a set of pearl and cognac sapphire earrings that somewhat match the bracelet above.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Yep, you guessed it, still more bracelets

Here's another batch of bracelets, this set is from what I've made for the show on Saturday.

This one is a single strand silver bracelet with heart charms. All of the silver beads and the charms are made by the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.

This one is blue quartz roundelles and black lace agate interspersed with silver beads. It's definitely a design I'm not too sure about, but I expect there is someone who would like it.

Peruvian blue opals with grey potato shaped pearls with engraved silver bamboo beads. The opals and pearls are a bit bigger so it creates a chunky effect.

Double strand bracelet made of silver wrap beads, silver spiral beads and knot wrap beads. It seemed natural to pair the wrap and spiral beads together and the did work well together. I've done a few variations on this design and it is a nice, simple design for a silver bracelet.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

More bracelets

This group of bracelets are ones that I've made for myself.

Thi sone is mahogany obsidian and dark honey amber with Thai Karen silver tube beads. I love the interplay for the different browns in it and it is a simple design that works well if you want to wear it with other bracelets. This is actually the second one I made for myself, the first one I sold to a co-worker because she liked it so much.

This bracelet is rhodochrosite, platinum pearls and Bali silver. The pearls work really well with this I think because they are understated so they don't overwhelm the rhodochrosite.

More dark amber, but this time with carnelian roundelles and Thai Karen wrap beads. I love these particular beads for the texture they can add due to the wrapping.

This one is african plum rubies and lavender pearls (the color doesn't really show up well in this picture, but they are pale lavender) And Thai Karen knot wrap beads. This is another silver bead I love and I'm really impressed with the intricacy of them, they are strips of silver that have been stamped and then woven into knots.

More pictures to come, I grabbed the camera this week and got a bunch of pictures of various pieces I've made and I'll be adding them over the next week or so. Mostly bracelets but I did get pictures of a few pairs of earrings too.