Saturday, August 05, 2006

More bracelets

This group of bracelets are ones that I've made for myself.

Thi sone is mahogany obsidian and dark honey amber with Thai Karen silver tube beads. I love the interplay for the different browns in it and it is a simple design that works well if you want to wear it with other bracelets. This is actually the second one I made for myself, the first one I sold to a co-worker because she liked it so much.

This bracelet is rhodochrosite, platinum pearls and Bali silver. The pearls work really well with this I think because they are understated so they don't overwhelm the rhodochrosite.

More dark amber, but this time with carnelian roundelles and Thai Karen wrap beads. I love these particular beads for the texture they can add due to the wrapping.

This one is african plum rubies and lavender pearls (the color doesn't really show up well in this picture, but they are pale lavender) And Thai Karen knot wrap beads. This is another silver bead I love and I'm really impressed with the intricacy of them, they are strips of silver that have been stamped and then woven into knots.

More pictures to come, I grabbed the camera this week and got a bunch of pictures of various pieces I've made and I'll be adding them over the next week or so. Mostly bracelets but I did get pictures of a few pairs of earrings too.

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