Sunday, August 27, 2006


(No pictures, although I suppose I could get a few at some point. Doesn't seem to be much point though, I'm expecting most people have seen pickled vegetables at some point in their lives.)

I ended up being able to make 5 quarts of dill pickles from the cucmbers that E harvested from the garden. I think I like doing that way. It was a good amount of pickles to make but it didn't take me all weekend to do it and I wasn't wiped out when I got done. E suggest that since A is considering doing a garden at her house maybe we can look at planting a bunch of pickling cucumbers next year. I think it might be a good idea because it would allow me to make pickles at a nice relaxed pace.

In other project newsI got the paper cut and punched and the leather cut out for the sign in book. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to do any tooling today since I need to finish up housework and get a shower in, but I should be able to on e of the next few nights after work.

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