Thursday, August 10, 2006

Should be making stuff

I should be working on stuff since the show is Saturday but I'm stressed and just can't get myself to do anything so I'm adding more pictures here. I guess that's related somehow, right?

This was an interesting experiment. The design is based very loosely on a pattern I saw in Beadwork magazine. The original pattern used glass seed beads and small silver beads, and had more strands, but I liked the effect and the use of the cones so I gave it a try in this bracelet using small freshwater pearls and carnelian beads.

This ia another somewhat experimental design, I saw jewelry in a catalog where briolettes were used like normal beads rather than as focal points and I thought I'd give it a try with these small garnet briolettes and the larger white potato pearls.

This is a slightly different design for me. I had been looking for ways to use the cognac sapphires and thought I'd see how they worked with the pearls and silver. I think it works well especially with the silver beads separating each of the other groups from each other.

And this last one is proof that I do make something other than bracelets. This is a set of pearl and cognac sapphire earrings that somewhat match the bracelet above.

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