Monday, August 07, 2006

Yep, you guessed it, still more bracelets

Here's another batch of bracelets, this set is from what I've made for the show on Saturday.

This one is a single strand silver bracelet with heart charms. All of the silver beads and the charms are made by the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.

This one is blue quartz roundelles and black lace agate interspersed with silver beads. It's definitely a design I'm not too sure about, but I expect there is someone who would like it.

Peruvian blue opals with grey potato shaped pearls with engraved silver bamboo beads. The opals and pearls are a bit bigger so it creates a chunky effect.

Double strand bracelet made of silver wrap beads, silver spiral beads and knot wrap beads. It seemed natural to pair the wrap and spiral beads together and the did work well together. I've done a few variations on this design and it is a nice, simple design for a silver bracelet.

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