Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The book

As promised, here are pictures of the sign-in book.

The cover of the book is made of 6-7 ounce tooling leather, and I used a wood stylus to transfer the device and engrave it deeply. I beveled around the device to give it a bit of dimension and then painted with acrylic paint. The rest of the book was antiqued with a medium brown leather antiquing and then finished with a matte acrylic finish.

The book is lined with a golden oak garment pig suede and the pages are acid free light weight cardstock in cream. The pages are laced in with deerskin lace and the closure is a stubbed lace made out of deerskin scrap.

I tried a few different things with this book. The first is that I increased the number of holes to lace the pages in since this book will be traveling and will need a bit more stability. Second, because it will be traveling through the mail, I used a tie closure rather than a buckle or a bone button that could get broken. I liked the stubbed lace closure from the satchel so I made one to close this book. The other different things are more refining my techniques. I usually put the finish and antique into a bowl when I get to the point of applying them. I do this for two reasons, the first being that I use large brushes and it's hard to get them in the mouths of the bottles. The second is that it in the case of the finish there will be color transfer and this way I don't contaminate an entire bottle of finish. The problem has always been that I can't leave a bowl of finish or antique unsupervised or I'll have at least one cat in it. This time around I realized that the baby food jars I had kept are perfect because they have a big enough mouth to fit my brushes in and they have lids so they can be closed up. I also discovered that it works well for glue as well because it allows me to apply it with a brush.

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