Sunday, September 24, 2006

New earrings

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of these earrings. They are my first attempts at working with silver wire and I think they turned out pretty well.

This is the first pair I tried, they are loosely based on a pair of earrings that a co-worker has. These are made with 26 guage silver wire, pearls, garnets and garnet briolettes. The most interesting aspect was trying to work with the pliers that we had on hand. By the time I was done my hands were very stiff and cramping up pretty badly. I've invested in pliers with ergonomic handles which should help. One thing to note, I spread the drops out for the picture, when on the shift around quite a bit.

This pair of earrings grew out of a mistake. I closed the top loop on the drop before attatching it to the rest of the earring and rather than redoing it I thought I'd make a second one so I could make a pair of earrings out of it.

The last pair is amethyst barrel beads and rainbow fluorite briolettes. This was just to practice the technique a bit more.

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