Monday, November 13, 2006

The lanyard project

I touched on this project a bit in my regular blog. What I am trying to do is to make a beaded lanyard for the ID I have to wear for work. I had found some on the web for sale, but I didn't like the design because the piece ended in a large metal ring since they were designed to be either an ID holder or a glasses hanger. To begin with, I couldn't find similar rings and ones that size don't really go with the style of jewelry I make. Secondly, I wanted the lanyard to have a clasp that could work as a quick release in case it got caught on something or someone grabbed it. Finally, I really wanted the badge to attach with a hook of some sort, sterling silver if I could get it, silver plated if not. The ultimate find would be a sterling silver swivel hook. Today I came close to this part of it because I found silver plated swivel hooks and also sterling silver lobster claw clasps with swivels at Fire Mountain Gems. I'm still trying to figure out the quick release, the problem is that I'm essentially looking for a clasp that will fail. I've got a couple possibilities though, I just need to get them and do some experimenting.

Once I get it all sorted out maybe I'll do an entry showing the process from start to finish.

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