Wednesday, December 06, 2006

snopes craft challenge entry

As promised here are the pictures of my entry in the snopes craft challenge and a picture of the idea that didn't quite work out for the challenge.

This is the actual entry. It is a bone panel with facted onyx beads, charoite ovals and silver beads and findings. There is a story that comes with the bone panel, it was originally part of a bracelet that belonged to my mother. The bracelet was made of a set of these panels strung on elastic cord that had broken a long time ago. (I remember looking at the pieces in Mom's jewelry box as child, so it had broken by that point.) The bracelet what a gift an employer had brought back from a trip to Hawaii and they had ben told that it was ivory. I've done some research, mostly because of the mahjong tile beads I had found, and these panels are definitey bone. High quality craved bone, but bone none the less.

This is the design I had originally started with for the challenge. I had thought that it would be cool to combine the bone tile with fire opals and pearls because of theconnection to Hawaii. Unfortunately it turned out to be too delicate of a combination to work with the bone panel and I had to step back and come up with an alternate focal bead. I had picked up the bone flower bead recently and itended up fitting perfectly.

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