Sunday, January 07, 2007

A few new lanyards

Lately I'm been working on lanyards, mostly because I got a lot of orders after I started wearing mine at work. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all of the ones I made, but I did get pictures of a few.

I made this one for A for Christmas. It is made, like all of the lanyards I've done so far, out of glass and silver plated beads with silver plated findings. This was done with the addition of a parrot charm on the swivel hook.

This is a lanyard that I made for one of my co-workers. Again it's done with glass and silver plated beads and she had picked out the beads she wanted me to use. I really wasn't sure how the design was going to work out because I wasn't too sure how the beads would look together, but it came out very nice. Nice enough that another co-worker decided she wanted on in similar colors.

This last one is one I made for my Etsy store. Again it is all silver plated and glass beads, even the ones that look a bit like hematite. On this one I set the design up so I could use as many of the lilac luster beads a possible because I accidentally ordered them twice.

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