Sunday, May 13, 2007

Apparently I've been tagged

Last night, while I wasn't looking I got tagged by K M Rani

The rules are:

1) State 7 random facts/habits about myself on my blog
2) Tag 7 other people by leaving a comment to that effect on their blogs;
3) And ask them to have a look at my blog to read the rules of the Tag game.

The first one will be easy, the rest are going to be a bit harder, I'm not sure if I know 7 people with blogs. (Or 7 people with blogs who haven't been tagged yet.) At any rate, since I'm waiting for leather to get to the right stage to stamp, here my 7 random facts:

1. I have bachelor's and master's degrees in international studies focusing on Eastern and Central Europe.

2. I spent a semester studying in Hungary and while there did my one big trip over spring break, I went to Prague. I always liked telling people that because it seemed so much more exotic than going to Florida or Cancun.

3. I am told I make killer dill pickles and dill pickle relish, if so I give all the credit for it to my Grandmother because she taught me how.

4. I like to take medieval recipes and work them out to a point where I can cook from them. Don't believe what you hear in your history classes, not all medieval food was weird and they didn't eat brown sludge, they actually made some darn good food.

5. I prefer to stay on the edges of things and watch, plus I have a level of social anxiety so I seem really shy and aloof, but if you get me talking I will ramble on forever about things. I think I like to stay on the edges of things because I know the tendency to ramble bores people to tears.

6. Given the option I'd never leave the house, I'd jut stay here and make stuff and correspond with people by the internet.

7. If I could I would get more cats, but I know the ones we have keep me busy, so I don't.

So, now I need to find 7 people to tag, which I'll try to do in the next week.


K M RANI said...

Thanks for sharing about you! I actually like the idea of people saying several random facts about themselves; but like you said, it can be s little difficult to find 7 other people to tag. It'd be nice if the "rule" was to find just one other person.

Anonymous said...

You can cats? Cool! Are you hot?