Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Big plans and the quesion of copying

Last night I had one of those amazing ideas for a Big Project and now I'm trying to sort out of I really want to try to do it. The idea is to do a tooled picture that is a recreation of a page from the Book of Kells. The scary part is that I could do it, it would just be a project that required a lot of breaks, and I even have good black and white line drawings of several of the pages to work from. That is what leads me into discussing copying. Copying is a huge issue at Etsy and to be honest I just don't get it. For one, barring something really groundbreaking it is entirely possible for more than one person to come up with similar ideas. Second, a lot of leather tooling uses other people's designs to some extent. You an get all sorts of pattern books and craft aids and even free tip sheets that have tooling designs you can use however you want with no problems. To be honest, even though I don't do the standard designs I'm still copying somewhat, I just happen to be using designs drawn from manuscripts, textiles, and ceramics. I think that's why I tend to think of myself as a craftsman more than an artist.

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Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I agree, it is difficult to say who copied who, if, in fact, it happened at all.