Friday, May 04, 2007

A few little things

I haven't gotten any big projects made lately but I have gotten a few smaller ones done, including these card cases out of some of the new leather I've gotten recently.

The red leather was really a big step outside my comfort zone but I'm really happy with how it looks and it is fantastic to work with. This case is lined with black pig suede.

The taupe is from a lot I bought of upholstery "scrap". (I'm using quotes here because I wouldn't call a lot of it scrap at all, one of the pieces is close to a third of a hide.) This one is lined with a nice burgundy pig suede.


Felicia said...

They're both wonderful!

K M RANI said...

Firstly, those are really lovely.

Secondly, you've been tagged. Please have a look at the "rules" on my blog! :D