Monday, May 28, 2007

New supplies

I'm really excited over the last couple of weeks I've gotten some great new stuff to work with. First off, I found a source for 100% linen thread in a wide range of colors. I have to wax it before I sew with it but it works perfectly and it's nice to be able to have a matching thread for a change rather than being stuck with black or brown.

I also got some very cool leather.

On the left is a moss green pig suede. It's a bit heavier than I expected so I won't be able to use it for linings, but it is such a nice piece of leather it will work well on it's own. On the right is a dark green top grain leather. It was listed as 'dragonskin green' and I think that's a really good description because it had an unusual wrinkly texture and the green is darker at the bottom of the wrinkles. It's exactly what you would expect dragon skin (for a non scaly dragon) to look like or even dinosaur skin to look like. Both at going to be fun leather to work with.

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