Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun, new and interesting

I made it back from my weekend trip OK, although I wondered a bit with the heat. The craft show went OK according to A, we had some sales at least and I think it was enough to pay for the show fee. Now that all of that is done I can get back into making things and I'm really excited about some of the projects I have planned. One of them, thanks to a suggestion from another seller on Etsy, is to try to make full sized wallets. I think I have a plan and a pattern worked out for those, the next step will be to get the leather for the interior and do a trial run. The other is iPod, and possibly iPod Nano, cases. I've been trying to work on this one for a bit now and I haven't had a huge amount of luck with getting a workable pattern, but I see Tandy has kits for both now so I'm looking at getting one just to see what they came up with and maybe it'll help me sort out my pattern. I also have ideas for embellishing the garment leather card cases I make and maybe working on some bags.

Something else I'm quite excited about is that Tandy is coming out with a new line of dyes, paints, finishes and stains. For one they are supposed to be more environmentally friendly which I like, but the most exciting thing is that one product appears to work somewhat like the antique stains I use now, but comes in more colors so I'm not stuck with the same old browns and blacks I've been using. I'm planning on getting some to try after payday so there will probably be many experimental projects to post pictures of and I may talk about my impressions of these new stains too.


Felicia said...

Glad the show went ok. I look forward to seeing your new designs :)

Noemi said...

Thanks! I got the new stains today so hopeful I'll get a chance to try them out tomrrow since I have the day off work. If my test pieces work out well I may even get pictures to post tomorrow.