Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yes, I know

I'm getting behind on updates and I'm haven't tagged anyone yet. I have to admit that the latter is because I hate to impose on anyone that way especially people I don't feel like I know really well. I still haven't managed to get over things like that.

On the updates I'm in the middle of getting a commissioned piece done so everything else had been put on hold for a bit. After this is done (and I will post pictures) then I need to get going on making a bunch of lanyards since A agreed to having them with the jewelry for out little business, and I only have 7 made with the first show in a couple of weeks. Yeah, it's somewhat poor planning on my part, but I figure I can really hit it over the next few weeks and get a few more made and then work on getting even more made for the August show. I have got to work on managing my time better, I've gotten back into doing leather work to the extent I keep ignoring working on lanyards.

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Felicia said...

You can get them done! Best of luck :)