Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More experimenting

I think I'm slowly getting the hang of the new stains, but it's going to be a while before I get it perfected. I have figured out a few tips for using the new Eco-Flo Hi-Lite stains from Tandy:

1. you can't be afraid to really rub it into the leather otherwise you don't get good even color
2. it works a lot better to apply it with a rag because you can get better pressure
3. trying to apply it with gloves on is nearly, but not quite, impossible
4. definitely wait to apply more of the stain until the first coat is dry because you run the risk of disturbing the initial coat
5. when the instructions say apply one coat of finish and let it dry before applying a second coat, they really mean it

All in all, though I am just loving this stain because of the colors. Below is another one of my test pieces, and I'm really thrilled with how such a simple stamped design turned out in the blue.

This is exactly what I had wanted every time I griped about how frustrating it was to only have black and different shades of brown available in antiques.


Felicia said...

Its very pretty!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thanks for the tips: I just picked some up myself! Your thoughs are appreciated and noted :)

Noemi said...

You're welcome! These are such a new product I felt like it was worth sharing my observations because it might save someone else the frustration (and failed pieces) that I've run into.