Friday, August 10, 2007

New card case

This is my second try at this design, I ran into problems with the finish and what it did to the stain. It didn't quite work out the way I had wanted on this one either, but the color is a lot more even across the whole piece here. The first one looked like two different projects had been cobbled together. The problem is that the stain tends to sit on top of the leather a bit and if you get too much finish on a piece it picks it up and you get patterns that look like water staining where it pools. It isn't a bad effect, just not what I was I was hoping for on this piece.

This is a close up of the tooling on the front. It is silhouette carving and the design is one of the ones from Al Stohlman's book on inverted and silhouette carving. I really like the look of these scroll designs so I expect I'll be doing more of them in the future.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Features and other things

I just wanted to do a quick update of sorts.

First off I was featured on The Art of Craft blog starting this last Sunday, which I was very excited about. Along with running a blog that promotes crafts people and offers tips for selling your work they run a wonderful shop on Etsy Q Branch Ltd.. I'm particularly impressed with the needle cases that they have, I got a plain one for my leatherworking needles, but they have ones that have spaces for thread so you can have a sturdy and attractive sewing kit to carry with you. Please take a look at their blog and store!

Second, I'm done with the large custom item I was working on and hope to post pictures of it and a few other pieces later this week. Hopefully I can get more thoughts on the new stains as well since I've gotten a few more colors.

Finally, he craft show we have done the past few years is this coming Saturday so I'm trying to get ready for that which is going to make everything a bit crazy for a while.