Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MOO cards!

I got my new MOO mini cards in the mail over the weekend and I am very excited. For those who might not be familiar with them MOO mini cards are smaller than a standard business cards and you can put your own pictures on them. People trade them, use them as calling cards , use them as business cards, and a million other things. I had gotten some a while ago and had used them as business cards for a while, and hadn't really thought about MOO cards until they came up on the Etsy forums. I went to the MOO site and started looking at the setup for the cards again and realized that they could solve one of the problems I had run into because there was the option to do free text and to have no icons or the flickr logo on them. What I did was to make MOO mini cards with pictures of my work on one side and leather and suede care instructions on the other.

They turned out to be perfect, they are uniquely mine because of the pictures, the printed care instructions are easy to read and professional looking, and most importantly I don't have to write the care instructions out on paper tags by hand. This will be a huge time saver for me.

For more information on MOO mini cards, plus their other cool products, stop by MOO.com.

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Felicia said...

Yours look fabulous! I love my moos :)