Monday, January 07, 2008

I didn't think that through at all

There's a back story here so bear with me. I went poking around recently and looked at the blogs of some of the people who have commented on my past entries and came across Bloggy Goodness by rexxtime. While I was looking at his pictures I was wondering where he got all the cool spots he was using on his wristbands, then I came to the entry where he mentioned Standard Rivet and I had to go look. Then I had to order some stuff, which meant trying to meet the $25 minimum order and that is damn hard when some of the spots only cost two or three cents each but I managed to do it. It wasn't until today that I took a closer look at the confirmation email and noticed it gave the total number of spots that I had ordered, which is 1150. 1150 little bits of metal I have to find a home for. Why didn't I think about that and my lack of storage space before I ordered?

The only upside is that they are small and will be easier to store than a side of tooling leather.

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