Saturday, April 19, 2008

Embroidered leather

Something I started to do in the last few months is to decorate some of my garment leather pieces with embroidery. Embroidering leather is nothing new, there are a lot of examples of embroidered gloves and even shoes from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and machine embroidery is still a popular way to decorate garment leather. It being me, I do my embroidery by hand and I've been using silk embroidery floss because I love the feel of it and combination of the leather and silk. Overall, it's actually much easier than doing embroider on fabric because I have to pre-punch the stitching holes and I have to space those holes out well to avoid creating a perforated line.

This is one of my favorite embroidered pieces so far, grey and blue grey are two of my favorite colors, and they work so nicely together here.

This iPod sleeve is another favorite because the embroidery floss is a variegated pale blue and pale green so the color shifts subtly across the design.

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