Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best laid plans

Last Saturday was the craft show I had been getting ready for. I didn't have quite everything done that I wanted to do but I was in pretty good shape, a little stressed but otherwise doing good. Then the rain came. It started out innocently enough with regular rain showers in the afternoon, then moved to torrential rain in the afternoons and culminated in rain that started last Friday and didn't stop until Saturday night. The craft show, which is an outdoor one, was cancelled and not rescheduled. I'm still a bit disappointed, it's hard not to be with all the work, but I'm trying to look at the bright side. I'm ahead on making things for my Etsy shop right now and that means I'm ahead in making stuff for the holidays.

The more pleasant news is that I am getting an industrial sewing machine. It is a 1951 Necchi that has been completely reconditioned and rewired and the people I'm getting it from may be able to work on the Singer 29-4 for me too. I'm really excited, the Necchi will really help me speed up my production on garment leather items which will give me more time to work on my tooling.