Saturday, May 23, 2009

The saga of the ginkgo wallet

It looks pretty innocuous, doesn't it? Just a bi-fold wallet with ginkgo leaves. Looks can be deceiving though, this ended up being a Murphy's law project, almost everything that could go wrong did. Here are the steps the project went through:

1. Get request. Establish that the customer wants same design and colors as the ginkgo checkbook cover in shop, ID pocket on the back of the wallet, tooling on the front and the interior of the interior should have a coin purse.
2. Get sick.
3. Begin to look for ID card pocket from suppliers. Determine I can get them but they won't work for this piece so I figure out how to make my own.
4. Go to get pre-assembled wallet interior, discover that Tandy no longer carries them and doesn't even have them in of their kits so I can't scavenge one. Manager at local Tandy can't find any in the system.
5. Give customer update and then begin digging through my books to see if I can figure out how to make a coin purse. I find some possible options.
6. Spend a couple of weeks tinkering to see what is going to work to make a coin purse for wallet interior.
7. Tool, paint, stain and seal wallet exterior. Realize I'm going to have to figure out a different way to attach closure strap.
8. Sew ID pocket on and put wallet interior together.
9. Get closure strap in, line wallet, get interior in and ready to sew together. . .and realize closure strap is not long enough.
10. Pull old closure strap out.
11. Make new closure strap and then reassemble wallet pieces.
12. Finally sew wallet together.

All in all it took me almost 2 months to make what seemed like a pretty straight forward piece. The up side is that I figured out how to do a few new things. The down side is I figured out ways to do some things better as I was sewing the wallet together.

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