Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Belts and card cases, oh my!

I've mainly been working on a couple of custom pieces, an embroidered two pocket card case and a belt, and I got them done last week so here are some pictures:

The case is blue top grain leather with alternating stripes of light and medium blue embroidery done with silk floss. I got a bit silly and did the stripes on the two interior pockets as well. The case is lined with a lovely dark blue suede

The belt was made for a friend. It is 1 inch wide and stamped with a repeating diamond design that will make it easy to resize in the future.

I may try to do some little tutorial posts in the near fututure, maybe one on how I make card cases and another on doing embroidery on leather. I'm hoping that will get me to post more frequently. I am also trying to get the lattice journal, notebook cover and interlace card case sewn together so hopefully I'll have pictures of those to post soon as well.

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