Sunday, May 09, 2010

iPod Touch Case

It's been a long stretch between posts again, hasn't it? I've been working at getting some of old projects I had laying around finished, plus we had vacation at the end of April, and on top of all that Scooter had a torn cornea which has lead to an emergency vet visit, a couple of surgeries and lots of stress for me. Amidst all of that I did get a few things made.

I realized about a week before we left for vacation that I had never found a case for my iPod Touch that I liked so I decided to make one. Initially it was going to be a simple case that I was going to get cranked out quickly but then I thought it needed to look a bit nicer, so I decided to do a little decorative stitching and then it just snowballed. . .

The case is black sheepskin, lined with dark blue deerskin split. I did the decorative stitching using some old embroidery thread that had belonged to Grandma. The brand name is Nun's Boilproof Thread and after looking around on the internet it appears to be quite old, so I'm not sure where Grandma might have gotten it, possibly a garage sale or maybe from my great-grandmother. Beyond a little bit of wobble on the side seams I'm very happy with how it turned out and I can see adding this type of case to my Etsy shop.

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