Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garment leather cuffs

Now that the August craft show is behind me I thought I'd share pictures of my newest pieces. Much like it took me forever to start doing tooled cuffs and belts I've just gotten around to making garment leather cuffs. There were a couple of reasons why, for one I had wanted to stick with mainly tooled pieces and there are a lot of people making garment leather cuffs and I felt they did it much better (and I didn't want to look like I was copying them). Then I came up with an idea to put brass filigree on leather cuffs and just couldn't figure out a way to attach the filigree to a tooling leather cuff that I was happy with so after a few failed attempts I admitted defeat and decided to try the idea on garment leather. After I had made that decision then my imagination ran away with me and I came up with all sorts of ideas to make cuffs using some of the odds and ends of hardware I've collected, so here I am with 4 done, 3 waiting to be sewn, and a bunch of strips of leather ready to be decorated and made into cuffs. (This is my main problem with my creative impulses, they tend to be on the obsessive side so I end up overdoing it.) So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the fruits of my recent creative impulses.

This was the first try at the brass stamping and filigree on leather and I was so happy with the result that I kept this one. The leather is from one of the leather sample sheets I have collected, the brass stamping and filigree I found on Etsy, it closes with two snaps and the cuff is lined with brown suede.

These two are the result of me playing around with some of the hardware I've collected. Again the leather is from sample sheets with the various hardware and straps riveted on with antique brass rivets and both cuffs close with antique brass buckles. These were a lot of fun to make, especially coming up with the way to use the lacing Ds.

This the second try at using filigree on leather. I love the look of the brass on the oxblood red leather but I'm not happy with the way the spots ended up, they were supposed to be graceful swirls and ended up pretty wonky. The upside is that I made them equally wonky so they match.

And finally this one made from a fantastic olive green deerskin I've had for a few years plus some fantastic vintage brass filigree I found on Etsy. There are four of the open rosettes spaced out across the cuff and it closed with an antique brass buckle.


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