Friday, May 13, 2011

Envelope style Kindle case

Yes, I've been a bit scarce again, I've been trying to finish up my old project back log and that has meant I wasn't really working on anything new. Then I got a Kindle and decided I didn't like any of the commercially made cases. That lead to working out a pattern and deciding it would be cool to have something that was tooled to act as an advertisement for my business and this is the end result:

The case is made from 4 ounce tooling leather, lined with camel colored suede (I don't have any pictures of the interior so you'll have to trust me on that) and closes with two brass buckles. The tooling design comes from one of the vintage leathercraft books I've collected, in this case Designs for Tooled Leather Book II by Louise Hoeffer (second edition published in 1938). It was intended to be used on a book cover which I thought worked well on a case for a digital book. In doing the tooling I decided to go with inverted carving and finished off by painting it with Lumiere acrylic paints. The entire piece was then stained chestnut tan, the paint touched up and sealed.

The pattern worked out well so I'll be making some to add to my shop, but I'm not sure if I'll do any with carved designs. I love doing the carving but the time that goes into it means that larger tooled pieces are more expensive and that seems to put people off.